Tuesday, April 28, 2015

'The Guest' and 'It Follows' star Maika Monroe joins 'Independence Day 2'

It Follows has been one of the most successful films at the box office this year, grossing $14 million off of a very small budget. Maika Monroe is unquestionably the star of the film, and gives an impressively strong performance. With her success from that horror smash and The Guest, it's likely that Monroe will snag some very big roles in the near future. Yesterday, Monroe got off to a good start by landing a role in Roland Emmerich's highly anticipated Independence Day 2. Emmerich announced the casting on his Twitter last night by saying "I have another addition to announce. The beautiful and talented Maika Monroe is officially signed on 2 the Independence Day Sequel!" There's no word on who Monroe will be playing, but I'm just going to guess that it's going to be a pretty major role.

Emmerich's Independence Day 2 (the film is currently untitled but I'm assuming that this will be the title of the film) is currently set for release on June 24, 2016, with a cast that includes Liam Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum, Vivica A. Fox, Bill Pullman, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Joey King, Judd Hirsch and Brent Sniper. Many fans are excited to see how Emmerich handles the sequel but I'll be the first to admit skepticism. Independence Day is one of the most overrated movies ever and I'm not even sure what there is to do with the sequel. In all likelihood, this is a movie that is simply going to play off of 90's nostalgia. However, the special effects in Emmerich's movies are always great and with the updated technology, Independence Day 2 could be a true visual masterpiece. We'll all find out in about a year when the film hits theaters in June 2016.

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