Friday, May 8, 2015

Lily James to star alongside Ansel Elgort in Edgar Wright's 'Baby Driver'

Edgar Wright is one of my absolute favorite directors and I'm very much looking froward to his next film, Baby Driver. The story of a getaway driver who relies on his soundtrack to get through his jobs and ends up way over his head when he gets forced into a heist by a major mob boss is pure Edgar Wright and I can't wait to see this movie get rolling. Ansel Elgort has already committed to star in the film, with TriStar and MRC splitting the costs 50/50. Baby Driver should be heading into production soon and with that being said, the rest of the cast needs to be filled out. And according to a report from Variety, Wright has snagged one of Hollywood's biggest rising stars to co-star alongside Elgort in this highly anticipated action comedy.

Lily James, the young actress who starred in the massive global hit Cinderella, is now set to star with Elgort in Baby Driver. James, who has also appeared on TV smash Downton Abbey, will be the film's female lead, but no other information is available on her role. As someone who is completely unfamiliar with James' work (I missed Cinderella and don't watch Downton), I can't really comment on whether or not she's a good fit. However, most people seem to be supportive of her as a young star, and no matter what, I think that Wright will make this film work. His fast, energetic style is infinitely appealing to me and Baby Driver sounds like another fresh and fun entry intro his young filmmaking career. Baby Driver has no set release date at this point, but I would imagine that a late summer 2016 release is still within the realm of possibility. For me, this one can't come soon enough.

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