Friday, May 22, 2015

Paramount sets 'World War Z' sequel for June 2017

In summer 2013, Paramount's World War Z was one of the most surprising blockbusters. After riding a wave of negative buzz and suffering through endless re-shoots, World War Z emerged as both a good film and an impressive box office powerhouse, grossing $540 million worldwide. Star Brad Pitt put his heart and soul into making sure that World War Z was a hit, and it paid off big time. Paramount's original plan for World War Z was to turn the series into an epic trilogy, but when the bad buzz hit, that plan changed. However, after years of discussion, the studio is ready to move forward with World War Z 2 with Pitt back in the lead role and a new director on board.

Yesterday, Paramount officially revealed that World War Z 2 (not an official title-I'll be surprised if they actually go for this) will hit theaters on June 9, 2017. The zombie sequel will be directed by JA Bayona, the director of 2012's harrowing disaster drama The Impossible. The film will face off against Fox's Fantastic Four 2, as well as the third weekend of Disney's Star Wars: Episode VIII. As a fan of Pitt and Bayona, I'm very excited to see where this film goes. The original film was a huge surprise to me, and I really enjoyed its distinct mix of horror and action. World War Z definitely set up an intriguing cinematic world and I'm hoping that the sequel lives up to the original. Before World War Z 2 hits theaters, Pitt will also star in By the Sea and The Big Short. The star has quite a bit on his plate before he's set to delve back into the post-apocalyptic world, so I'm guessing that this one goes into production next summer. 

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