Sunday, July 12, 2015

'Minions' continues Universal's dominance with second biggest animated opening of all time

Despite the surprising success of Pixar's smash hit Inside Out, everyone knew that the animated smash of the summer would be Universal's Minions. The spin-off film featuring the most popular characters from the Despicable Me franchise, Minions was guaranteed to be a massive smash hit and quite possible one of the biggest animated films of all time. And that promise was fulfilled this weekend. Minions crushed the competition with $115.2 million, which is the second largest animated opening of all time behind only Dreamworks' Shrek the Third, crushing Shrek 2 and Toy Story 3 along the way. In 4,301 theaters, Minions did big business and fans were obviously pleased, crowning the film with an "A" Cinemascore. Although I didn't think the film was all that (will try to crank out the review in the midst of my busy schedule), it's clear that those little yellow minions have practically taken over the world at this point. Overseas, the film has grossed $280.5 million, bringing it to a total global cume of $395.7 million. Very impressive stuff and this could be Universal's third billion dollar grosser of the calendar year. Kudos to Universal for another job well done.

Universal also held the second spot on the charts this weekend, as Jurassic World finished with $18.1 million, crushing more milestones by the minute. The Colin Trevorrow-directed smash has now grossed $590.6 million at the domestic box office, and all signs are pointing to the film eventually overtaking The Avengers for the #3 spot on the charts (Titanic and Avatar appear to be out of reach). On the worldwide charts, Jurassic World moved into fifth place all time behind Furious 7, The Avengers, Titanic and Avatar. The film has grossed $1.465 billion so far and will likely finish with around $1.6-$1.7 billion, easily clearing The Avengers and Furious 7.

Inside Out continued its stellar run in third place, although the film did take a hit this weekend thanks to Minions. The Pixar comedy snagged $17.1 million and now stands at $283.6 million in the US. Inside Out has already blown past other Pixar films like Wall-E, Brave and Ratatouille and will pass Up very soon to become one of Pixar's biggest original films. In international markets, the film has snagged $151 million for a solid worldwide total of $435.4 million.

Terminator: Genisys continued its mediocre stateside run with $13.7 million, enough to raise the film's total to $68.7 million. A final total of $90 million is a good bet at this point. Overseas, the film is doing a bit better with $156.1 million, but I don't know if that's quite enough to justify a sequel for the film. Disappointing numbers for sure, but not surprising in the least. Magic Mike XXL held extremely well for a Fourth of July release, dropping a mere 25% to $9.6 million in sixth place. The male stripper comedy has grossed $48.3 million in the US so far.

As for the new releases of the weekend, New Line's The Gallows grossed $10 million in fifth place, which is a decent result for the dirt cheap horror flick. The Cinemascore was terrible- a "C" from audiences- but I'm not sure that New Line really cares at all. The other new release of the weekend- Focus Features' Self/Less- was a bona fide flop, grossing a mere $5.3 million in ninth place. Throw that in the ever-growing pile of "Ryan Reynolds movies that flopped."Hopefully Deadpool can turn that around.

Next weekend sees the release of Ant-Man and Trainwreck. Here are my predictions:

1. Ant-Man- $71 million
2. Minions- $59 million
3. Trainwreck- $32.5 million
4. Jurassic World- $12.3 million
5. Inside Out- $11.9 million
6. Terminator: Genisys- $8.6 million
7. Magic Mike XXL- $7.5 million
8. The Gallows- $4.3 million
9. Ted 2- $3.8 million
10. Self/Less- $3 million

Image Credits: Variety, Joblo

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