Saturday, August 22, 2015

Christian Bale will star as Enzo Ferrari in Michael Mann-directed biopic

Michael Mann has had a pretty rough run lately. The acclaimed director of modern crime classics such as Heat, The Insider and Collateral went on to make some less critically acclaimed films like Miami Vice, the Johnny Depp-starred Public Enemies, and most recently, the critical and box office disaster Blackhat. Some may question if Mann has lost his touch, but with such a strong range of films, most cinephiles still put their faith in the director. While Mann has struggled commercially in recent years, Public Enemies star Christian Bale has been on the rise. Bale has had the occasional flop- Exodus: Gods and Kings is the most notable example- but for the most part, he has been racking up hits at the box office (The Dark Knight Trilogy) and plenty of Oscar nominations, with a win for The Fighter. So what happens next for these two? Mann needs a career rebound and Bale needs to continue his Oscar momentum, and with this new report, it looks like the two just may do that.

According to a new report, Christian Bale has agreed to star as Enzo Ferrari in Michael Mann's next film, which will tell the story of the Italian sports car magnate. The pic is aiming to shoot next summer and will likely be available for purchase at some of the upcoming film festivals, as it currently is without a distributor. In the report over at Deadline, the trade site reports that Mann has been working on this project for a very long time (15 years), and previously collaborated with Sydney Pollack in an attempt to get the film made. The logline says that the Ferrari biopic will take place in 1957, a year "where passion, success and death and life all collided." Sounds like a fascinating project and I'm excited to see Mann take it on. Bale doesn't look much like Ferrari, but that hasn't stopped him before. I have no doubt that he'll give a dynamic performance and garner a lot of Oscar attention. This biopic seems like a change of pace for the director and for any Michael Mann fans out there, that should prove to be quite exciting. With the shoot aimed for next summer, I would estimate a Fall 2016 or 2017 release date for this flick.

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