Sunday, November 1, 2015

'Spectre' breaks overseas box office records ahead of U.S. debut

Bond is back and he's arriving with a bang. After the shocking run of Skyfall back in 2012, director Sam Mendes and star Daniel Craig have returned for Spectre, another dark and compelling take on the iconic action hero. Riding high off of the $1.1 billion that Skyfall grossed back in 2012, Spectre is set to debut in American theaters on Friday with solid reviews and a big chunk of buzz as the first big film of the holiday season. But before its debut in the States, Bond's 24th adventure hit theaters in his home country of the United Kingdom, as well as in several Scandinavian territories. After a rough year for Sony that has included flops, scandals and disappointments, it's looking like the studio will finally have something to celebrate after a record-smashing run in the U.K. over the course of the last week, before what promises to be a lucrative weekend in the world's biggest movie-going market.

Spectre arrived in U.K. cinemas on Monday, October 26th and in its first seven days in theaters, it grossed $63.8 million. That tops Skyfall as the biggest seven day opening weekend in Britain, a very impressive number. In addition, Spectre scooped up $16.6 million in other territories, including Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands among others. IMAX numbers were also huge, with $5 million on 47 screens. That's the best per-screen average ever for an IMAX debut, and if it's indicative of things to come, Spectre is looking at a very, very good debut in the U.S. And why not? The movie market has been a dead zone since The Martian sucked up all of the business in early October and no movie has managed to even come close the sci-fi drama's totals. However, Spectre is coming hot off the heels of the most successful Bond film of all time and one that is equally beloved by fans and critics. Back in 2012, Skyfall made $88.3 million during its opening frame and there is the potential that Spectre could make even more. While there is some competition in the form of The Peanuts Movie, it's not direct and I think that Spectre will have no problem taking control of next weekend. Will it have the spectacular legs that Skyfall did? Probably not, simply because of the Hunger Games/Star Wars double knockout punch coming in the next couple of weeks. But it will be very big, and I can see it coming close to $100 million next weekend. Whatever happens, I'm incredibly excited for the film and can't wait to see what could be Daniel Craig's last showing as the iconic superspy. 

Image Credits: Telegraph, Joblo

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