Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Director's Guild nominations revealed: Scott, McKay, Miller and more set course for Oscar

The guilds are set. Now, it's the Academy's move.

The Director's Guild award nominations were announced today, putting together the last piece of the guild puzzle. The Producers and Actors had already spoken, and now, it was time for the Hollywood directors to reveal their picks for the best of the year. Always an important prognosticator of the Academy Awards, the DGA nominations arrived earlier today in the immediate aftermath of a phenomenal weekend for Alejandro G. Inarritu's The Revenant. In addition to stellar box office receipts, the film won three Golden Globes, including the Best Picture- Drama award. This was the final critical point for a lot of films, as it indicated which five movies would surely be big hits at the Oscar nominations on Thursday morning. Spotlight and The Big Short needed some momentum after a rough night on Sunday, and films like Bridge of Spies, Carol and Straight Outta Compton were hoping for a last minute boost. It ended up being an interesting, but not altogether unpredictable set of nominees. Here are the five films that received nominations from the Director's Guild.

THE REVENANT- Directed by Alejandro G. Inarritu

SPOTLIGHT- Directed by Tom McCarthy

THE BIG SHORT- Directed by Adam McKay

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD- Directed by George Miller

THE MARTIAN- Directed by Ridley Scott

In addition the main Best Director category, the DGA introduced an award for Outstanding Achievement of a First-Time Director. Here are the nominees from that category.

A WOLF AT THE DOOR- Directed by Fernando Coimbra

THE GIFT- Directed by Joel Edgerton

EX MACHINA- Directed by Alex Garland

THE DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL- Directed by Marielle Heller

SON OF SAUL- Directed by Laszlo Nemes

Overall, an impressive set of nominees in both categories. I'm glad to see that Edgerton and Garland got some love for their great films, and I think that Nemes could play potential spoiler at the Oscar nominations on Thursday. That being said, I'm pretty confident that the five directors listed in the main category will be the ones announced on Thursday. Todd Haynes and Steven Spielberg (Carol and Bridge of Spies, respectively) stand an outside chance at topping McKay for that final spot, but I truly believe that the other four directors on the list are locks. That being said, the Academy's Director branch surprised last year with a few oddball choices, so never underestimate their power to do something wild.

The Director's Guild Award winners are announced on February 6.

Image Credits: Screen Rant, Joblo

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