Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Most Overrated Movies of 2015

Every year, there's a few movies that make you ask "What do people see in this movie?" This year had a few, including some that will be factoring into the Oscar race over the next couple months. And for the record- this does not mean that these are bad films. There are redeeming factors for all five of these movies, but in my view, they do not deserve the critical response that they received. Without further delay, here are my most overrated movies of 2015.


It Follows is a good horror film. And that's about all that it offers. The film is well-directed and shot by David Robert Mitchell and it's clear that Maika Monroe is a breakout star. But the rapturous response around It Follows was completely unwarranted. It's tense and chilling, but not nearly as scary or frightening as some made it out to be. The film lacks a complete emotional core and there's a disconnect between the sexual themes and actual scares. I love the way that it deconstructs the basis of most horror films (especially slasher flicks), but in my view, It Follows never fully lives up to its potential.


I only saw Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's The Revenant three days ago, but I was left with a feeling of emptiness after seeing the film. I'll get into more depth in my review and I don't want to spoil any of that in this post. But it's safe to say that The Revenant is one of 2015's most overrated films- a monotonous and mostly dull Western revenge drama that drags you through the mud throughout its 156 minute runtime. Leonardo DiCaprio is committed, but The Revenant is ultimately a beautiful slog.


Mr. Holmes is probably the film on this list that I like the least. Even with a rather short runtime, Mr. Holmes drags on and on, hopping between stories with little care or precision. From bees to Japan to murder, there's a seemingly random disposition that this elderly detective flick holds throughout. It's breezy and light, never getting too far into deep or uncomfortable territory, and that ends up hurting the film. A lack of focus severely hinders the drama of the picture and it's not all that engaging or thrilling either. Ian McKellen may be great, but Mr. Holmes never quite clicks.


I understand why people love Room. If you connect to Ma and Jack on an emotional level and relate to their plight, you will adore Lenny Abrahamson's well-crafted rendition of Emma Donoghue's novel. But despite Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay's wonderful performances, I just didn't connect. Room felt like it was struggling to be too artsy, and it's two-half split really broke off the film into a weird direction that didn't work too well. Room consists of two films fighting each other to come out on top and that mix of claustrophobic intensity and tricky psychology just never worked for me.


Dope seemed like a movie that I would love. Mixing hip-hop, 90s chic and a drug-fueled plotline, this film sounds like a lot of fun on the surface. Much to my surprise when I actually saw the film, there was something phoney and fake about Dope's geeks-against-the-world plot. The film stretches for its raunchiness and doesn't work hard enough to make you like its characters, despite some subtle touches that work terrifically. But for me, the biggest shock was how sluggish Dope is at times. For a film driven by a pulsing musical intensity, it's very low on energy and that just left me stunned and disappointed. Glimmers of hope pop up throughout Dope, but it never comes together.

That's it for my most overrated list. Come back later today for my Best of 2015 and Worst of 2015!

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