Sunday, February 28, 2016

'Evil Dead' icon Sam Raimi to direct 'World War III' at Warner Bros.

We live in a cinematic world where originality is rare. I know that I just wrote a whole article about how Deadpool connected with audiences because of its uniqueness, but it still was based off a famous comic book character. No, what I'm talking about is pure innovation- high-concept movies that take us to new places. I don't believe that original movies are "dead" as some people have said. They're just much more rare than ever before. Certain directors are the chosen ones who can get away with it- Del Toro, Nolan, Cameron, Tarantino, etc- while other big-budget sci-fi films like Jupiter Ascending and John Carter just didn't work out. But I applaud the studios for continuing to try. It'd be easy to just stop making original movies completely, and yet, every once in a while, we still get something cut from new cloth in Hollywood. And as I was scrolling through the other movie sites the other day, I read about an original movie that really caught my attention.

According to Coming Soon, director Sam Raimi, best known for Evil Dead and Spider-Man, will be directing World War III for Warner Bros. The film is based on a book by George Friedman entitled The Next 100 Years, which predicts the future of our global conflicts as the U.S., Russia, China and Japan shift world power over the course of a century. Per Variety, Bill Block's Blockmedia will produce at Warner Bros. I hadn't heard a single thing about this movie before, and now, I just can't wait to hear more. This is one of those concepts that is so tantalizing and so compelling that I'm hooked without even knowing much about the story or the cast. I just love the idea of revisionist history and futuristic visions, giving us a terrifying and/or fascinating look at a new world. Plus, Sam Raimi is a great director, someone who can blend blockbuster thrills with skillful genre craftsmanship. This movie just jumped to the top of my most anticipated list and I'm looking forward to hearing more about it over the next few months (hopefully). Although I wonder how much of the story they'll have to change if Donald Trump wins the Presidency. Should be pretty interesting.

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