Saturday, February 20, 2016

'The Revenant' wins Best Film at the BAFTAs as Oscar Sunday looms large

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the craziest Best Picture race ever.

Just when you think that the race is clearing up, something else comes in and screws it all up. I've already been over the winners of many of the other guilds and I see no reason to repeat myself again. Just know this race is going to go down to the wire. The Big Short, Spotlight and The Revenant all have a pretty even shot of winning the big prize. The Revenant added another accolade to its impressive collection this weekend, taking home Best Picture at the BAFTAs, essentially the British version of the Oscars. The frontier epic also won awards for Best Sound and Cinematography, as well as another Best Actor win for Leonardo DiCaprio and a Best Director triumph for Alejandro G. Inarritu. With each pre-cursor show that passes, The Revenant is looking more and more like a Best Picture favorite.

Over at Gold Derby, 15 out of 25 experts are predicting that The Revenant will win Best Picture. 6 experts have Spotlight coming out on top, and the remaining 4 are giving the edge to Adam McKay's The Big Short. With only ten days until Oscar Sunday, we're forced to deal with the unfortunate fact that The Revenant might win Best Picture. It's no secret that I'm not a fan of the film- I feel like it's winning its awards for all the wrong reasons. I'd like to keep telling myself that there's no chance of the overindulgent western winning the big prize, especially in a year so stacked with brilliant titles. But I also can't avoid the facts. With support from the actors, the directors and the technical branches, as well as 12 total nominations, The Revenant is in a great place. As of now, it's the favorite. Say it ain't so. The preferential ballot still puts the divisive film at a big disadvantage, but that didn't seem to stop Birdman last year. If I had to make a wager right now, as much as it pains me, I would put my money on The Revenant. Look for more Oscar coverage soon.

Image Credits: Telegraph, Joblo

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