Saturday, March 5, 2016

Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey confirmed to star in adaptation of Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower'

The Dark Tower is a project that keeps popping up every couple of years, and yet, never seems to gain much traction at all. The project is completely daunting- a massive, high-concept series that needs a hard-R rating to stay true to Stephen King's vision. I would go through the list of actors and directors that have been attached to make the film over the years, but that's a nearly impossible task. After filmmaker Ron Howard left the movie a few years back, it has been firmly stuck in development hell. Now, Universal is attempting to finally get the dystopian sci-fi western off the ground. With A Royal Affair and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (the Swedish version) director Nikolaj Arcel set to helm the production, Universal is fast-tracking the ambitious film for a February 2017 release date. While I have a feeling that date will change, it's still a positive sign for all fans of King and The Dark Tower. And frankly, the next bit of news is even more exciting.

Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba will co-star in The Dark Tower, as confirmed by Stephen King himself earlier this week. Here was the series of tweets between the three superstars.

-"It's official: the man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed. #DarkTowerMovie @McConaughey @Idris Elba- King

-@McConaughey you have one new follower. #DarkTowerMovie- Elba

-@idriselba come and get me, I look forward to it #DarkTowerMovie- McConaughey

So there you have it. Two of the coolest movie stars on the planet set to star in a very exciting project. The film will be produced by Akiva Goldsman, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Erica Huggins, and it's likely that if the first flick is a success, we'll be getting a franchise out of The Dark Tower. The plot of the series finds a gunslinger, Roland (McConaughey), on a quest to find the Dark Tower, the fabled center of the universe. He's pursued by the Man in Black (Elba). From what I've read of the plot of these books, they're dense, complex and uniquely structured mishmashes of different genres, which makes me very curious about what the audience reaction to this will be. But for now, I'm just excited to see such a major film finally gain some traction. The Dark Tower will be released on February 17, 2017

Source: THR

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