Friday, May 27, 2016

John Carpenter to produce new 'Halloween' movie; Mike Flanagan and Adam Wingard rumored to direct

John Carpenter's original Halloween is one of those iconic horror movies of all time and it's a film that will be alive and well for decades to come. Nearly 40 years later, the 1978 flick is still terrifying, entertaining, and thrilling. Iconic score, great atmosphere, fearsome villain- Halloween has it all. Many directors have attempted to make bigger, better, and scarier sequels, but most of the time, things haven't panned out so well. The most recent series of Halloween films came from acclaimed genre filmmaker Rob Zombie, who injected a gruesome, grisly twist to the madness. Zombie's Halloween II was released in 2009, and since then, the franchise has lay dormant. In fact, unlike the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street series', I'm not even sure there has been much of a conversation surrounding possible Halloween reboots, remakes or sequels. But all of that changed earlier this week.

John Carpenter is returning to the Halloween franchise, a bit of breaking news that was officially revealed by Blumhouse Productions on Monday. In the Blumhouse press release (written by Gregory Burkart), the studio announced that a new Halloween movie will be heading to theaters under Jason Blum's watch, with Malek Akkad and Miramax also on board. Carpenter will be serving as an Executive Producer and Creative Consultant, and per the release, is also in early talks to compose the film's score. Carpenter had this to say about the film:

"Halloween needs to return to its traditions. I feel like the movies have gotten away from that....Michael is not just a human being; he's a force of nature, like the wind. That's what makes him so scary. We made the original Halloween for very little money. At its heart, it's just a good, scary story, and that's why it works. 38 years later, I'm going to help to try to make the tenth sequel the scariest of them all."

As for the man behind the camera this time around, Bloody Disgusting is floating around two names as possibilities. On Tuesday, the horror news website reported that Mike Flanagan, director of Oculus, Hush, and the upcoming Ouija 2, is in talks with Blumhouse Productions to helm the picture. Later in the day, the site updated their story, saying that there's reason to believe that You're Next and The Guest director Adam Wingard could take on the film. No real sources on that one, but he did tweet some stuff, I guess. Either director would be a good pick for horror fans, but I'm just excited that we're getting a genuine Halloween film again. I like the horror renaissance that is happening in Hollywood right now, and a new Halloween film that goes back to the franchise roots seems like a perfect move. And with Carpenter involved? Count me in already.

Source: Bloody Disgusitng, Blumhouse
Image Credit: Joblo

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