Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dwayne Johnson to star in Shane Black's 'Doc Savage'

Shane Black doesn't have many film credits to his name, but his influence on Hollywood has been enormous. Black practically launched the buddy cop genre in 1987 with Lethal Weapon (which he wrote) and has continued to dabble with that sort of material ever since. The Last Boy Scout, Last Action Hero, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang all came from the mind of Black, establishing themselves as cult classics over the years. Despite a brief foray into the world of Marvel comics with Iron Man 3, the director returned triumphantly to the noir comedy genre with The Nice Guys, one of my favorite movies of the year so far. However, it appears that Black might not be done with superhero movies just yet. Although the director's next film is The Predator, a sequel to the 1987 film in which he had a supporting role, Black has also signed up to direct Doc Savage at Sony. I'm not overly familiar with the character of Doc Savage, but Variety cites him as a "pulp" character with "superheroic levels of intelligence and strength" and someone "who happens to be a brilliant scientist, inventor, and explorer." Sounds like something that is right up Black's alley.

It also sounds like a perfect fit for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Yes, the beloved action hero has officially signed on to star as Doc Savage in the film, which does not have a release date yet. Johnson announced the move on his Instagram page, discussing how the meeting between himself and the creative team went down, and showing his excitement for the character of Clark "Doc" Savage. What I love about The Rock is how passionate he is about everything he does, and if you read the Instagram post about Doc Savage (which is embedded in most articles about the news, including the Variety report), you can see how pumped he is to tackle this character. Everything about this movie is very, very intriguing.

The only question is- when? As widely noted by many film journalists, Dwayne Johnson is an incredibly busy guy. Over the next few years, Johnson is scheduled to star in San Andreas 2, Journey to the Center of the Earth 3, Big Trouble in Little China, The Janson Directive, Alpha Squad Seven, Skyscraper, Rampage, Jumanji, Jungle Cruise, and Shazam (for more information on these projects, head on over to the excellent "Ultimate Guide" over at The Wrap). He's currently filming Fast 8 and will certainly have to undergo press tours for Moana, Baywatch, and next week's Central Intelligence. That's a whopping 15 projects over a very short time span, and it's doubtful that he'll be able to fit them all in. But for now, I'll just be excited by the potential of Johnson and Black teaming up and hope that we see this movie before 2025.

Sources: Variety, The Wrap
Image Credits: Blastr

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