Saturday, July 2, 2016

'Captain Phillips' star Barkhad Abdi joins cast of 'Blade Runner' sequel

The Blade Runner sequel is slowly turning into the movie we never knew that we needed so badly. Of course, the initial idea of director Ridley Scott returning to the world of his 1982 sci-fi classic was always enticing. However, plenty of audience members and fans already felt burned by Prometheus, and there's a massive glut of belated sequels in Hollywood right now that nobody really cares about (Ex: Independence Day: Resurgence). Thankfully, it's becoming more and more clear that the still-untitled Blade Runner sequel is far from a cynical cash grab. The return of Scott and screenwriter Hampton Fancher was always promising, but things changed when Denis Villeneuve signed on for the film. The acclaimed director of Prisoners and Sicario is one of the hottest names in Hollywood at the moment, and a filmmaker who is expected to do big things for a very long time to come. Villeneuve is a visionary creative mind, and he has put together an exceptional cast for this sequel. Led by returning star Harrison Ford, the cast will also include Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright, Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy), Ana De Armas, and Mackenzie Davis (Halt and Catch Fire). Recently, another rising star was added to the cast, and it's safe to say that this thing is only getting better and better.

Barkhad Abdi, Oscar-nominated star of Captain Phillips, has joined the cast of the Blade Runner sequel. The announcement was made on Tuesday, and at that time, there were no additional details on Abdi's role in the film. The actor, born in Somalia, is one of the better success stories out of Hollywood in recent years. Abdi was a chauffeur in Minnesota before Paul Greengrass found him and cast him in Captain Phillips, a role that he captured so brilliantly. Abdi's success went all the way to the Dolby Theatre, where he received a nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his work in the film. He has since appeared in Gavin Hood's Eye in the Sky and Sacha Baron Cohen's The Brothers Grimsby. Abdi is an extremely talented actor, and he has a natural charisma on screen that works in even the smallest of roles (like Eye in the Sky). I'm happy that he's breaking out beyond his iconic debut role. He's a great addition to the cast of this highly anticipated film, and I can't wait to see what other pieces fall into place before principal photography starts next month (per THR).

The Blade Runner sequel will hit theaters on October 6, 2017.

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