Saturday, October 22, 2016

Brutal and harrowing trailer for 'Logan' is a must-watch

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine might just be one of the most iconic casting choices in history. On paper, the 6'2" Australian actor doesn't share too many physical characteristics with the small-but-mighty character, but over the course of 8 appearances as Logan, Jackman has been simply terrific. The X-Men franchise is terribly inconsistent, making Jackman one of the few constants. However, as Fox prepares to take the X-franchise in a new direction and as Jackman approaches his 50s, it appears that Logan will be heading on one final rodeo before riding off into the sunset. After a cameo in last summer's X-Men: Apocalypse, Jackman will finish out his time as Wolverine with one final solo adventure. He'll be joined by Patrick Stewart, also presumably in his final appearance as Professor Charles Xavier. So far, Wolverine's solo outings have been less than satisfying. X-Men: Origins- Wolverine is one of the most despised films in the franchise, and while it received better reviews, The Wolverine didn't fare all that well either. Jackman and director James Mangold will have one more chance to get it right with Logan, which will be hitting theaters next March. Check out the first trailer below!

Set in the near future, Logan will center around a famous comic book storyline known as "Old Man Logan," which sees Wolverine's powers fading as most of the other mutants are dead. After the surprise success of Deadpool, Logan will receive an R rating from the MPAA, allowing Jackman's final ride to be as profane and grisly as necessary. I've been consistently let down by the Wolverine movies thus far, but if the trailer for Logan is any indication, I'm going to love this movie. Stewart and Jackman have been playing these characters for my entire cinematic life, and to see them going out with a movie like this will be incredibly sad. This trailer plays off that emotion, off the sadness of seeing Logan and Charles with nothing left to give. I absolutely adore the dusty Western landscape that Mangold has put on display, and the simple plot seems like a refreshing change of pace. I didn't have that much interest in Logan before, but now, this is without a doubt one of my most anticipated movies of 2017. I cannot wait to see more, and I'm fully expecting this movie to physically and emotionally destroy me.

Logan debuts on March 3, 2017.

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