Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Long-awaited trailer for Martin Scorsese's 'Silence' is epic and mesmerizing

It seems like there's always a degree of uncertainty with a new film from Martin Scorsese. We know that it's coming out eventually, and we know that it will probably be great, but we just don't quite know when it'll show up at our local theater. Shutter Island got pushed around a bunch of times back in 2009/2010, The Wolf of Wall Street was bounced all the way to Christmas Day after a lengthy post-production process, and this year, Scorsese's Silence was placed in a similar situation. The director's longtime passion project was originally slated for a release in the fall of 2016, but with Paramount's loaded slate (Arrival, Allied, Fences, and more) and another long session in the editing room, rumors began to swirl that we wouldn't be seeing Silence until February 2017. Thankfully, that didn't end up being the case. Scorsese locked the film, and Paramount set a December 23 release date with an expansion in early January. Now, the conversation fully surrounds the awards prospects for the film. Only National Board of Review members have seen it, and while the film is screening for the Vatican, there's no word on when critics and voters across the country will get a chance to bask in the glory of Scorsese's latest vision. That being said, Paramount is moving forward with the marketing machine for the film. The first trailer for Silence is attached to showings of Allied this weekend, and while it was originally meant to hit the web on Saturday, an accidental release last night gave us our first look at the film. Check it out below!

As a fan of movies, of course I was excited for Silence. When a new Martin Scorsese film hits theaters, it's a cause for cinephile celebration. That being said, this film wasn't nearly as high on my most anticipated list as it should have been. This is one of the best trailers of the year, of many years for that matter. Every shot in this preview is filled with eye candy for movie lovers, a fever dream of brilliant performances, gorgeous cinematography, and outstanding music. You can't do much better than Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, and Liam Neeson as your leads, and all three look to deliver incredible performances. Each shot looks like a painting, and the beauty, agony, and brutality on display here is just awe-inspiring. I'm not familiar with the 1966 novel that this film is based on, but the idea of Apocalpyse Now in Japan from a legendary filmmaker is so incredibly enticing. Producer Irwin Winkler said that Silence is Scorsese's best film, and after watching this trailer, I have no doubt that we're about to see one of the best films of the year and another movie for the ages from an iconic director. The wait for this movie is going to kill me. I need to see this as soon as possible.

Silence debuts on December 23 in limited release, before expanding across the country in January.

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