Monday, December 26, 2016

Red band trailer for 'Alien: Covenant' teases Ridley Scott's gory return to the franchise

Considering the general disappointment that came with the film, I think it's easy to forget how highly anticipated Prometheus was back in 2012. People knew very little about it, and all Ridley Scott would say was that it had some kind of vague connection to the Alien franchise. The trailers teased a violent, scary sci-fi movie, but they also managed to make the connection to the iconic series all the more explicit. I was around 13 at the time, and I begged my parents to let me watch it (to no avail, of course). It was the R-rated spectacle that everybody wanted to see, and Fox did a great job of selling such a crazy, gory film. With such high levels of excitement from fans, Scott's return to the genre was almost destined to end in a massive letdown. The film received decent reviews from critics (72% on RT, 65 on Metacritic), but audiences were baffled by the philosophical questions raised, many of which were left open by the film's ending. I quite enjoyed the film myself, but it is a flawed, messy adventure. Five years later, Scott is returning with Alien: Covenant, which exists as a prequel to Alien and a sequel to Prometheus. On Christmas morning, Fox released the first red band trailer for the film. Check it out below!

Scott is certainly pulling no punches this time around, and this trailer drops us right in the middle of the gory, terrifying action. Covenant looks fairly brutal, and the shower scene at the end delivers the kind of blood-splattering action that fans love. Fox is clearly aiming to tease both the prequel and sequel aspects of the film- glimpses of face-huggers and Xenomorphs are seen, but there's also the return of Michael Fassbender's David. As for the cast, Katherine Waterston is an excellent actress, and she's the perfect choice to carry on the tradition of strong female leads in the Alien franchise. The supporting crew of red shirts is led by Danny McBride, Demian Bichir, Callie Hernandez, Billy Crudup, and (possibly) James Franco, so I'd say we're in fairly good shape from a character perspective. If Scott is able to balance the simple thrills of Alien with the heady themes of Prometheus, Covenant is going to be nothing short of magnificent. The chilling mix of action and atmospheric creepiness in the trailer indicates that he's moving in the right direction, and the recent decision by Fox to move the film to May hints at high confidence levels. Overall, this is one of the movies that I just can't wait to see in 2017. Scott is coming off The Martian, one of the best movies of his career, and I think he's primed to give us an epic, vicious chapter in the Alien saga.

Alien: Covenant will debut in theaters on May 19.

Image courtesy of Fox

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