Monday, December 12, 2016

'The Fate of the Furious' trailer is insane in the best possible way

In theory, the Fast and Furious franchise probably should have ended after 2015's Furious 7. The tragic death of star Paul Walker provided a logical end point for the successful street racing series, with the conclusion of the main story and an ending that made grown men cry. But in the end, money talks. Furious 7 made $1.5 billion at the worldwide box office, currently standing as the 6th highest grossing film of all time. Universal couldn't let one of their biggest franchises just disappear, so they immediately lined up Fast 8, as well as ninth and tenth installments in the series. After director James Wan elected not to return for an eighth chapter, Universal sought out Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray to take the reigns of their flagship franchise. Since then, the Fast 8 production process has been quite bizarre. There was talk of an ongoing feud between Vin Diesel and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (which I've deemed "Candy Ass"-gate), and then last week, Universal announced the title as The Fate of the Furious. That's probably the most idiotic title for a movie that I've ever heard, but considering the franchise, I guess it fits. Anyways, the first trailer for the film was revealed yesterday. Check it out below!

"I will beat you like a Cherokee drum!"

So this looks like a blast. Look, I think we all know what the Fast & Furious franchise is giving us these days. Ridiculous action, fast cars, beautiful women, an obsessive emphasis on family, and some truly insane stunts. The Fate of the Furious looks no different, but once again, they're upping the ante in a unique and bonkers way. Cars flying between buildings? Tanks on highways? All-out warfare in Los Angeles? Ha. That's nothing. In this trailer, we see multiple heist sequences, an endless barrage of bullets, cars destroyed by wrecking balls, a prison riot for the ages, and yes, submarines. This movie looks utterly insane. But I have to admit, I'm actually curious as to where the story is going this time around. The idea of Vin Diesel's Dom Toretto turning into a villain is an interesting one, and I love the dynamic of Jason Statham becoming a member of the main crew. The cast of actors is also mightily impressive, and Charlize Theron will be a fearsome antagonist. The Fast & Furious movies have grown into their own distinct, wacky genre, and there's no turning away from the formula in this trailer. What can I say? I'm excited for this dumb, crazy thing.

The Fate of the Furious will open on April 14, 2017.

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