Sunday, January 29, 2017

'La La Land' wins Best Picture at the PGA Awards

After sweeping the Golden Globes with a record 7 wins, earning a terrific 11 nominations at the BAFTA Awards, and tying the all-time record for Oscar nominations with 14, it seems like we're heading for a La La Land victory at the biggest awards show of them all on February 26. However, with such spectacular success, there was always going to be the opportunity for the backlash to kick in. And it has- plenty of pieces have been written about how Damien Chazelle's splashy musical is overrated, not a "true" musical, subtly racist, and just generally terrible. So as we move closer to Oscar voting, the upcoming pre-cursor awards shows will be very important in determining the fate of my favorite film of the year (yes, I know these things are meaningless, but they're fun). La La Land was surprisingly not nominated at the SAG Awards, which means that it'll be relying on a big showing at several of the other guilds. On Saturday night, the Producers Guild Awards were revealed, and it was another good night for the breakout hit.

La La Land won the Darryl F. Zanuck Producer of the Year Award in Theatrical Motion Pictures at the PGA Awards, solidifying its position as the film to beat (as if we didn't know that already). The PGA uses the preferential ballot, which is similar to the system that the Oscars use, and in addition to that fact, the film was going up against all of the other films in the Best Picture category. The PGA has been a good predictor of the Oscars, but it isn't a foolproof system- last year, The Big Short won the PGA only for Spotlight to win Best Picture at the Oscars. Nonetheless, this is good news for Lionsgate and the La La campaign. They're in prime shape now, and save for any major snafu, I think we're going to see the film take home a ton of hardware come Oscar night. The big questions will be answered at the WGA and DGA Awards, as we'll soon find out the level of support for Kenneth Lonergan and Barry Jenkins. Otherwise, Chazelle could sweep and La La Land could go home with 12 Oscars. It's shaping up to be a historic season and it'll certainly be a fun ride over the final few weeks.

Poster courtesy of Lionsgate 
Image Credit: IMDB

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