Thursday, February 9, 2017

Darkly funny trailer debuts for Sofia Coppola's 'The Beguiled'

When you make your film debut with a major role in one of the most anticipated sequels in cinematic history, things can often get off to a rocky start. That happened to Sofia Coppola when she starred in The Godfather Part III, the 1990 trilogy capper that is widely viewed as vastly inferior to its predecessors. Coppola's performance was criticized and ridiculed by almost everyone, and it led to a surprising amount of hatred and debate over her role in the film (especially due to her family connection). That could have been the end of Coppola's Hollywood career, but she kept pushing forward, instead establishing herself as one of the most innovative, talented directors in the business. She made a strong debut with 1999's The Virgin Suicides before winning an Oscar for Lost in Translation, which is widely viewed as a classic. In the years since that 2003 film, Coppola has divided audiences and improved her reputation as a true auteur with films like Somewhere, Marie Antoinette, and The Bling Ring. After a four-year hiatus, Coppola will be returning this summer with The Beguiled, a new adaptation of the classic novel. She has assembled quite an all-star cast for her sixth feature, and there's no doubt that this will be one of the most hotly anticipated movies of the year for cinephiles. Yesterday, Focus Features released the first trailer. Check it out below!

"You vengeful bitches!"

I'm not always a huge fan of period flicks, but I have a feeling that The Beguiled is going to be an exception. Seriously, this is a pretty terrific trailer. It's creepy and bizarre from the start, but it takes a turn into straight-up macabre awesomeness about 3/4ths of the way through. The cinematography by Philippe Le Sourd looks dazzling, and all of the additional design elements are totally on point. Coppola knows the ins and outs of filmmaking like few other directors, and it's clear from this trailer that The Beguiled will be a feat of cinematic composition. But for me, the biggest appeal is the cast. Nicole Kidman and Kirsten Dunst are always great, Colin Farrell can be terrific when given the right role, Elle Fanning is one of the fastest rising stars in Hollywood, and Angourie Rice was nothing short of incredible in The Nice Guys. With all of this talent in one place, my excitement is through the roof. The Beguiled looks like a campy genre thriller played to stellar dramatic effect, and the aforementioned closing line of the trailer is darkly humorous in all the best ways. There are plenty of hotly anticipated movies hitting theaters in the summer season, but thankfully, Sofia Coppola will give us a bit of twisted fun at the art house theater. The Beguiled debuts on June 23, but I'm firmly expecting a premiere at Cannes for this one.

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