Friday, March 31, 2017

Joss Whedon to direct 'Batgirl' for DC

At this point, it seems like DC is just lining up projects for the hell of it. I have serious doubts about some of these movies ever seeing the light of day, and it almost feels like Warner Bros. is simply examining online and audience reaction to these potential films. Sure, Justice League and Aquaman are coming and we'll almost certainly get a solo Batman movie in the next few years, but is anybody convinced that Gotham City Sirens will ever see the light of day? What about the Flash movie that has been rotating directors since the beginning of time? The Man of Steel sequel that WB is reportedly courting Matthew Vaughn for? Oh, and how could I forget the Shazam movie that exists as one of Dwayne Johnson's 12 movies currently in development? There are so many random projects in various stages of production at Warner Bros. that I can't even keep up, and I'm not sure there's anybody at the studio with a cohesive plan. I'd be interested to see some of these films, but it's a total toss-up in terms of their odds of actually making it to the big screen.

Yesterday, DC added another fascinating project to the mix, as it was widely reported that Joss Whedon is on board for a Batgirl film. Whedon is one of the most beloved voices in the geek world, having created Buffy and the Vampire Slayer and Firefly, two shows that became iconic cultural touchstones. In addition, Whedon directed two installments in the highly popular Avengers series, all before leaving Marvel after some strong creative disagreements during the production of Age of Ultron. Whedon has long been known as a masterful writer of strong female characters, which makes Batgirl a perfect fit. According to EW, Barbara Gordon will be Batgirl in this film, and the writers are following the popular "New 52" version of the character. Casting speculation is already running rampant for the role, as Collider is currently running a poll that includes actresses such as Zoey Deutch, Hailee Steinfeld, and Anna Kendrick.

This is certainly an exciting development for the DCEU, but I wouldn't get too happy yet. Things have a tendency to go wrong in this world, and there's always the chance that Batgirl completely falls through. However, if the hiring of Whedon and Matt Reeves is any indication of the future direction of the DCEU, I am incredibly pumped. This has the chance to be quite spectacular if all the pieces fall into place.

Source: EW/Collider
Image Credits: IMDB/Disney/WB

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