Monday, April 10, 2017

Electrifying teaser trailer debuts for Marvel's 'Thor: Ragnarok'

Which Marvel film are you most excited for in 2017?

Ask that question to any comic book geek or movie nerd and you're likely to get a variety of answers. Some might say Jon Watts' Spider-Man: Homecoming, the solo debut of Tom Holland's Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after his brief appearance in Captain America: Civil War. Others might say James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2, the sequel to the offbeat smash hit that firmly established the drawing power of the MCU. And finally, despite two films that didn't really do much for fans or critics, some will undoubtedly say that their most anticipated Marvel flick of the year is Thor: Ragnarok. This is due to a variety of reasons- the fact that Hunt for the Wilderpeople director Taika Waititi is behind the camera, the appearance of Mark Ruffalo's Hulk and Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange, and the addition of prestige stars like Cate Blanchett and Jeff Goldblum. Waititi has promised a funnier, quirkier Thor film, injecting an 80s vibe that seems to be taking some cues from Marvel's other space-bound franchise. Earlier today, the first trailer was released for the film- check it out below!

I liked the original Thor quite a bit, but despite a very favorable review for The Dark World (I gave it a "B+" which is amazing in retrospect), the Asgardian's 2013 sequel stands as the only Marvel film I don't think I've re-watched. I initially had very little interest in a third outing with Thor, preferring to see him used as a piece of the larger Avengers puzzle. But little by little, the idea of Ragnarok became much more appealing. For me, Waititi is the main draw- sure, it'll be fun to see Blanchett, Goldblum, Karl Urban, and Tessa Thompson join the MCU, but the thoroughly unique filmmaker really has a chance to do something special here. There are some exceptional moments of humor on display in this trailer (Thor's reaction to seeing Hulk in the gladiator arena is priceless), while the beautiful, colorful collection of aliens seems like a fresh new touch. The instant comparison is to Guardians of the Galaxy, but Waititi's distinct brand of fun is going to take things in an adventurous, delightful new direction. The blend of apocalyptic action and surprising humor is sure to please fans, and I'm so excited that Marvel is embracing its bizarre, wacky cosmic roots. It's a great year to be a Marvel fan, and I can't wait to see more.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3.

Image Credit: IMDB/Marvel

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