Tuesday, May 2, 2017

First trailer debuts for Sundance breakout 'The Big Sick'

If we're being honest, 2017 felt like a down year for the Sundance Film Festival. Despite the presence of acclaimed films like Luca Guadagnino's Call Me By Your Name and David Lowery's A Ghost Story, there seemed to be a lack of the kind of universally beloved smash hits that the festival usually delivers. And in addition to all of that, the changing dynamics of independent film distribution contributed as well- Macon Blair's I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore was on Netflix just over a month after winning the Grand Jury Prize at the fest. With a weaker Sundance slate, it looks like it could be a sluggish summer for art house theaters. But if there's going to be a breakout hit from Sundance 2017, it will almost surely be Michael Showalter's The Big Sick. The film was hailed as one of the best romantic comedies in recent years, generating acclaim from just about everyone who was able to see it at Sundance and at South by Southwest. Amazon is preparing to give it a nice push this summer, and they've started by releasing the first trailer. Check it out below!

When it comes to indie films, The Big Sick is surely one of my most anticipated of the summer. Any movie that receives such a rapturous reception at a major festival deserves my full attention, and I'll definitely be there to check out this one as soon as I get the chance. I think that Lionsgate and Amazon's marketing strategy for this is quite interesting, as they seem to be pitching it as a fairly typical romantic comedy with a multi-cultural twist. Even the poster (see below) is kinda generic and bland, words that don't come close to describing this film if the buzz is to be believed. That being said, this is a solid look at a film that I have a feeling will connect with a lot of people. A few of the jokes work really well (the Uber driver gag made me laugh) and the emotional angle seems to be grounded in reality. Kumail Nanjiani has been spectacular in supporting roles for years, so it's great to see him step up to the plate as a lead, while Zoe Kazan seems like a perfect fit for this character. And as someone who grew up in a house where Everybody Loves Raymond was on the TV on a frequent basis, it's good to see Ray Romano back on the big screen as well. This is far from a perfect trailer, but it gets the job done. I'm buying into the hype here, and I have a feeling that I won't be disappointed.

The Big Sick opens in limited release on June 23 with a wide release planned for July.

Image courtesy of Amazon

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