Sunday, May 28, 2017

Steven Soderbergh returns with the first trailer for 'Logan Lucky'

Steven Soderbergh has threatened to retire so many times, and while he appeared to fully call it quits after the release of 2013's Side Effects, the acclaimed filmmaker ultimately opted to just take an extended hiatus. Soderbergh dove into the world of TV for a few years with The Knick in 2014 and 2015, but he's back in August with Logan Lucky, a heist film set in the world of NASCAR at Charlotte Motor Speedway. As a resident of the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, this is quite the enticing idea. The Speedway is fairly far away from me (it's technically in Concord), but I saw the world premiere of Cars at the track in 2006, and I also took multiple field trips there throughout my school years. So yeah, the fact that they're making a movie set at the giant racing facility is pretty cool. Throw in Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig, and more esteemed actors playing a bunch of Southern idiots, and suddenly this becomes the kind of movie that you simply can't miss. To coincide with this weekend's Coca-Cola 600 (around which the film is centered), Bleecker Street has released the first trailer. Check it out below!

So yeah, this looks fun as hell. I knew as soon as I read the concept that this was something that would be in my wheelhouse, but this trailer solidified that fact. The cast alone is worth the price of admission- Tatum, Driver, and Craig look to be the perfect trio, and the supporting cast includes talented people like Riley Keough, Katherine Waterston, Seth MacFarlane, Sebastian Stan, and Hillary Swank. It's cool to see the filmmaker tackling an absurdist comedy after a streak of much more serious work, and recently in Entertainment Weekly, Soderbergh called this the "anti-glam version of an Ocean's movie," in reference to the trilogy he directed. This seems like the kind of smart action/comedy that will be both clever and infinitely quotable, dumb as a box of rocks but with its heart in the right place. This trailer plays really well off the retro charm of the project, and it seems like Soderbergh has struck a perfect tone here. And plus, any movie where 007 gets to do a deep Southern accent while Kylo Ren wears a prosthetic arm is one that can't be missed in my book, and Logan Lucky will likely be the movie that keeps all us cinephiles excited during the August slump. And considering Charlotte Motor Speedway's ability to handle big premieres, maybe I'll even get to take a trip up to Concord to see this thing early. Either way, it's one of my most anticipated of the summer.

Logan Lucky hits theaters on August 18.

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