Saturday, June 10, 2017

Incredible first trailer debuts for Ryan Coogler's 'Black Panther'

Marvel has a spotty track record when it comes to working with auteur filmmakers. Sure, James Gunn has been able to pretty much have free reign over the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and it looks like they've let Taika Waititi run wild with Thor: Ragnarok, but this hasn't always been the case. Marvel leader Kevin Feige drove off Jon Favreau and Joss Whedon due to overbearing sequel demands, clashed with Edgar Wright and Patty Jenkins on their respective projects (which led them to make Baby Driver and Wonder Woman, so I'm not really complaining), and led several great filmmakers like Ava DuVernay to turn down an opportunity to make a big-budget superhero film. So it's safe to say that I'm both excited and nervous to see what happens with Ryan Coogler's Black Panther. The 31 year-old director has quickly established himself as one of the best young filmmakers in the country, having teamed with Michael B. Jordan on the critically acclaimed Fruitvale Station and Creed. Coogler now has a shot to expand his horizons with a big blockbuster, the first Marvel film to be led by a person of color. And judging by this first trailer, it looks like Coogler has delivered something truly special. Check it out below!

This looks nothing short of terrific, and I'll frankly be shocked if this isn't one of the best solo films in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. For starters, Black Panther is stacked on paper. Not only is it directed by the immensely talented Coolger- it also has a cast led by Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, Daniel Kaluuya, Danai Gurira, Martin Freeman, Andy Serkis, Angela Bassett, Sterling K. Brown, Forest Whitaker, and Phylicia Rashad. That might be the best cast in the history of the MCU (well, before next year's Infinity War, that is), and based on this first look, they all appear to be cast to perfection. But beyond the impressive talent working on Black Panther, this trailer highlights a film that looks radically different from the rest of the MCU. Marvel has heard complaints for years of a distinctly troubling visual sameness, but with Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2, the aforementioned Ragnarok, and now Black Panther, I love that the studio is finally letting filmmakers take these movies in interesting visual directions. And finally, I adore the fact that Coogler appears to be taking the route of not doing too much origin work, instead just letting the character and the story work on its own merits. We already know Black Panther is a badass from Captain America: Civil War, and I can't wait to see him in action in this beautiful, futuristic African society.

Black Panther will debut on February 16, 2018. It's undoubtedly one of my most anticipated films of the next year.

Image: IMDB/Marvel

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