Thursday, June 1, 2017

'Stranger Things' star Charlie Heaton joins the cast of 'New Mutants'

The X-Men franchise has two incredibly distinct paths in front of it, and it will be very interesting to see if 20th Century Fox maintains their commitment to both sides of the franchise. On one hand, you have the R-rated solo movies, the formula that led both Deadpool and Logan to massive success at the worldwide box office. Director David Leitch will be taking the helm next year for Deadpool 2, which will continue to push the limits of the superhero genre and maintain Fox's stronghold on the concept of "adult" comic book films. On the flip side, you have the main story, which we last saw on the big screen in 2016's dreadful X-Men: Apocalypse. After Bryan Singer and Matthew Vaughn miraculously revived the series with the one-two punch of X-Men: First Class and Days of Future Past, everything fell apart again with a messy movie that felt like a tedious retread.

But this series is too important for Fox to let go, and in 2018, they'll be pushing forward with both New Mutants and Dark Phoenix, two PG-13 ensemble installments that are generating quite a bit of excitement. While Phoenix is a direct continuation of Apocalypse, less is known about New Mutants, except for the fact that it's coming from The Fault in Our Stars director Josh Boone. But with the film's April 13, 2018 release date looming, Fox and Boone are beginning to assemble their cast for what should be one of the most fascinating superhero movies in recent memory.

According to an exclusive report from The Hollywood Reporter's Borys Kit, Stranger Things star Charlie Heaton is in talks to join the cast of New Mutants as Sam Guthrie, the mutant also known as Cannonball. Heaton's breakout role came on the Netflix show, where he played Jonathan Byers, the lovably shy older brother of the missing Will. Heaton joins a cast that includes Split star Anya Taylor-Joy and Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams. In the article at THR, Kit notes that Fox is hoping to give this film a "horror-thriller bent" in a story that will find the mutants trapped in an undisclosed location. This is certainly an interesting premise, and it sounds like this could be much more low-key than previous X-Men installments. As for Heaton's casting, this is a move that I absolutely love. Heaton truly impressed me on Stranger Things, creating a character that was so easy to root for. I empathized with Jonathan almost immediately, and Heaton struck me as an incredible talent. I'm still not entirely sold on New Mutants, but I'm intrigued, and I think that Fox and Boone might have something pretty cool up their sleeves with this one.

Source: THR
Images: IMDB/Netflix, IMDB/Fox

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